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Welcome To Natural Intelligence

So…What is Natural Intelligence?

Natural Intelligence is that assumption that there is an optimal, or ergonomic state of being and approach to life for each person. Because of the evolution of the human mind/body/soul/spirit assemblage over a very long period of time, there are deep (archetypal) patterns built into all of us. Our culture is funny in that if our desk is too high, or our chair at the wrong angle, we acknowledge a problem with the ergonomics of the situation and we change it because we don’t want carpal tunnel syndrome or eyes strain or whatever. Of course that evolution is only a few decades old itself. We have been slower to recognize that if we put the organism in a situation that isn’t a good fit, other aspects of the system will be begin to breakdown and again, poor health will result.

So, learning and living in this natural way, ie, according the “Original Instructions” (as native people say) or honoring the Human Operating System Version 1 (as Bill Hill from Microsoft was fond of calling it) will not only improve general heath and happiness, it will also empower and make the person (as well as their families and communities) more successful and skillful.

Some of the techniques and strategies and outcomes (they are a circular list like this because they are things that we both Do and Become, both Ends and Means, and so, are mutually reinforcing) of Natural Intelligence are things like:

  • Heightened sensitivity
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Phenology (recognizing short and long wave seasonal patterns in the self, others and the landscape)
  • Increased empathy
  • Humor and Play
  • Adventure
  • Improved memory
  • Increased autonomy and self-regulation
  • Service and care-giving ethics arise
  • Improved way-finding in physical space (you won’t get lost anymore)
  • Mindfulness
  • Curiosity
  • Storytelling
  • Improved emotional regulation

So for example, in 1961 Yves Nubar identified “The minimal principal” of biomechanics. Long story, short, animal gaits and path choices are determined by unconscious choices tied to efficient use of energy. So, in my teaching practice (and in those of every martial arts, yoga, dance and theater school in the world) I have found that if I teach students to move in a different gait, a more conscious and efficient gait, (which tends to be slower and increase alertness) over time, they obtain therapeutic outcomes. They are more open to experience; which is curiosity. Just walking from class to class, they pick up energy from the natural environment and connect to those around them and become less anxious and isolated. And that’s just for starters.

Teaching people about movement, landscapes, maps, and the cardinal directions, very predictably helps them become better oriented in life. My teacher Jon Young, says “There is a very high correlation between people who can, at any given moment, point to the Pole Star in broad daylight, and people who know where they are going in life.” The ability to orient yourself on the landscape is essentially an inherited one, or perhaps an inherent potential, and it has to be developed. When these capacities are awakened, good things happen.  Knowing where you are is a highly practical skill and again, tends to reduce anxiety, if only because it helps you get to where you’re going on time. And it keeps you safer. Those of us who teach natural skills see these patterns with a pretty astounding rate of regularity.

My practice as a coach will be help you to tap into these deep forms of knowledge potential in each person, and introduce you to tools and practices that will allow you to become better oriented in the pursuit of your own unique life.

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