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Welcome To Natural Intelligence Designs

So…What is Natural Intelligence?owl-question

Natural Intelligence is that assumption that there is an optimal, or ergonomic, state of being and approach to life for each person. Because of the evolution of the human mind/body/soul/spirit assemblage over a very long period of time, there are deep (archetypal) patterns built into all of us.

If our desk is too high, or our chair at the wrong angle, and we develop chronic neck pain, we acknowledge a problem with the ergonomics of the situation and we change it.

We have been slower to recognize that if we put the human organism in situations that aren’t a good fit, if we don’t become designers of culture, intentional makers and shapers of our environments, then our health; physical, mental, emotional, will be poor. Natural Intelligence (Designs) exists to share the tools of optimum human health through holistic strategies that connect us to nature, to ourselves and to others.


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