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Nature Based Mindfulness Workshops

In the past few years, I have begun to understand and articulate ways in which intentional nature connection and study are a contemplative practice and discipline, very similar to yoga or meditation. Such practices are an essential ingredient in mindfulness training.

These workshops can fit in a number of different contexts and are based around an exploration of the Core Routines of Nature Connection: Full Sensory Engagement, Thanksgiving and Appreciation, Orientation on the Landscape, Movement, Place-based Pattern Recognition, Seeing the Self in the Story of the World, and Contemplative Sitting/Secret Spot.

sense med screen shot

Overview workshop can be done in 60-90 minutes, or in-depth explorations over the course of several days.

Orientation to Place, Presence and Mindfulness: Via Voluntours, Sustain Floyd, 2013, 2014, 2015

For the past three years, Via Voluntours has partnered with Sustain Floyd to host college Alternative Spring Break volunteers, who spend their spring break week learning about Appalachia, serving in the community, and exploring visions for sustainable rural communities. Each year they have asked me to do the first day’s opening session to ground the students in an alert sense of self and an appreciative opening to others and to place. And then, from this centered, mindful stance, begin to explore and know the Floyd community and landscape.


Opening Circle..errr…Oval.


Practicing core-centered, foot-sensitive walking. We call it “fox-walking.”


Now students have to transport expensive champagne to Kim and Kanye’s table and not spill a drop!


Turning off the eyes, turns up the other senses. Humans are a visual dominant species; an effect exaggerated by narrow cultural conditioning.


Making space for some quiet time and supporting that habit over the course of the week.


 Yoga Jam, Floyd County, September, 2014

Last September, I was honored to teach for over four days at Floyd Yoga Jam, on topics including “The Yoga of Nature Connection,” “Nature Connection for Families” and others.


yogajam title bar


yogajam teacher bio

yoga jam collage 14


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