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Learning the Story of Nature: Skill Building Workshops

“I am trying to teach you that this alphabet of “natural objects” (soils and rivers, birds and beasts) spells out a story. Once you learn how to read the land, I have no fear of what you will do to it, or with it, and I know many pleasant things it will do to you.”

-Aldo Leopold

1 BirdLanguage River Stone Floyd 2014

Introduction to Understanding Bird Language, Floyd, Virginia, September, 2014

For people of all ages interested in better understanding the language of nature, I teach adventuresome, exciting, experiential workshops of varying lengths in several basic areas:

bear visit4

This furry fellow visited my garden last spring and helped himself to some chickens.


Here Kitty, Kitty.


Animal Tracking

Plant Identification and Usage

Tree Identification and Usage

Understanding and Interpretation of Bird Language

and Fire-Making.

A half-day introduction overview of all these is a workshop called

“Understanding the Language of Nature.” 

ast fire 2011

Could you get a fire started in 5 minutes, if someone’s life depended upon it? In the rain? In the dark?


With primitive techniques, where there’s fire, there’s bound to be smoke.

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